What Is Body Contouring and How Does It Work?

There are many advertisements that you will see on the Internet, as well as on TV, for what is called body contouring. They will often show before and after pictures of individuals that have gone through this process, clearly showing that they have lost a substantial amount of weight. Often used as an alternative to dieting, body contouring is a procedure that involves both nonsurgical and surgical procedures that can help a person improve the way that they look. Here is an overview of what body contouring is, and how it is able to help people lose weight rapidly.

Overview of Body Contouring

Body contouring has been used for many years. Also referred to as body sculpting, plastic and cosmetic surgeons are able to use certain procedures to reduce the amount of body fat on your stomach, thighs, arms, and many other locations. You must be a candidate for this type of procedure. It requires you to be in good health, and you should not be affected by the various procedures that can be used. This process can also help tighten your skin, something that you may need to have done if you have been overweight for many years.

What Procedures Are Used?

There are several different procedures that they can administer which will include an arm lift, breast lift, and a facelift. They can also do lower body and medial thigh lifts as well. In some instances, they will use devices to perform a liposuction procedure, or they may use lasers that can literally liquefy the body fat without harming your skin. If there is a substantial amount of body fat that needs to be extracted, invasive procedures during a surgery can also be administered. Many people prefer the noninvasive procedures including radiofrequency procedures, ultrasound procedures, and laser therapy.

Side Effects or Dangers of Body Contouring Procedures

Some of the side effects that you may experience will include infections that may develop. You may also feel very sore, and your skin can be sometimes made tender through the use of ultrasound or laser therapy. In some cases, you will feel drained from this procedure as your body begins to heal. In most cases, the side effects are minimal, yet the results from these procedures can be fantastic because of how they can dramatically improve your outward appearance.

Noninvasive Body Contouring Procedures That Are Recommended

There are several noninvasive procedures that are highly recommended for extracting or removing excess of body fat from just beneath the skin. One of the most well-known is called CoolSculpting, a procedure that literally freezes only the targeted fat on your body that you want to remove. Similar to liposuction, the fatty tissue is extracted into what is called an applicator cup, effectively removing the fat from your body. Another one that is highly recommended is called trusculpt3D, a procedure that uses a monopolar radiofrequency device. Subcutaneous adipose cells are effectively made smaller through this procedure, allowing your body to look much thinner once the procedure is done. There are those that will still default to liposuction as this has been used for decades and has been dramatically improved over the years. However, these noninvasive contouring procedures for the body are gaining significant momentum and will likely represent one of your choices if you decide to do body sculpting for yourself.

Other Options for Body Sculpting

Laser body sculpting procedures are also extremely popular. However, they can also be the most expensive. One of the more prominent procedures is called SculpSure. They use what is called low level laser therapy. These procedures will last less than 30 minutes, but the results will be phenomenal. This is likely designed for individuals that would like to avoid the pain of cutting or freezing involved with other procedures. Despite its high cost, you will likely get the best results from this noninvasive procedure that will help you improve the way that you look.

If you are interested in having a body contouring procedure done, you need to do research on the different professionals that offer this type of cosmetic surgery. In some cases, invasive procedures will be necessary, whereas other professionals will default to cryolipolysis or RF procedures that are primarily noninvasive. It is important to work with a team of cosmetic surgeons that has a reputation for success, and you should also get estimates from multiple practices. Your research is the key to ensuring that the body contouring that you have done will result in the most beneficial outcome.

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