Is the Ink Used in Microblading Same as Tattoo?

Do you know that the shape, the symmetry and the fullness of your eyebrows contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics of your face? This is why thousands of men and women are willing to spend money on artists to enhance the shape of their brows. If you are unhappy with your eyebrows and if you think you will look more beautiful if your brows are completely filled in you have to decide if you want a microblading procedure done on you or have your brows tattooed.

Individuals who have sparse, patchy and light eyebrows can benefit greatly from a microblading procedure. Microblading is often confused with eyebrow tattooing. Many people seem to think that the two are one and the same. Well, microblading is different from eyebrow tattooing. Although both procedures are done to shape your brows, the methods, techniques and the ink used in these two procedures are very different. Let’s find out what makes microblading different from eyebrow tattooing.

Hand Versus Machine

Microblading stands out in this aspect because it’s done primarily by hand unlike tattoo that uses a machine. Your microblading artist will perform accurate strokes to create fine hair-like lines on your brows to make it look like real hair. As with a tattoo machine, the lines may not be as fine.

Retention Varies

Unfortunately, tattoo has better retention compared to microblading. The lines your microblading artist artfully made on your brows will eventually fade in two to three years. However, you can always have another procedure done when the lines are gone. Tattoo, on the other hand, will be there forever.

Microblading Inks Maintains A Better Shade

The ink used in microblading is not the same as the ink used in eyebrow tattooing. Brows as a result of microblading will have the same shade over the years so if you had light brown brows you can expect your brows to look the same in two to three years’ time. However, tattoo ink has a tendency to change color overtime. There is a possibility that the ink will turn green or blue.

Pain Level Is Not the Same

Clients who prefer microblading said that they did not experience any pain at all or if ever there was discomfort it was only very mild. Tattoo, on the other hand, can be painful and only very few are willing to endure the pain which makes microblading a better choice.

The End Results Differ

Since microblading is hand-drawn every stroke of your artist’s hand in creating fine lines to fill your brows will resemble real hair. So, when you look at your brows in the mirror the fine lines drawn look 100% natural and they just blend right in. If you are rooting for a natural look, microblading is the way to go. Unfortunately, a tattoo machine cannot achieve this look. Eyebrow tattoos look more solid as if it has been completely colored.

If you were to choose between the two, we highly recommend that you go for a microblading procedure instead of tattoo. The upside to microblading is that when it fades, you can always decide if you want to have it tattooed later on.